Certify your Business


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Beauty salons, spas, barbershops, make up counters at shopping malls, medical facilities and many businesses will receive a Survivor friendly emblem (certificate, magnet and/or sticker) in places of business or website as a sign that they are sensitive to the needs of those conquering and surviving cancer.  Survivor Friendly emblem is as important to cancer survivors as the Better Business Bureau is to the average consumer.  We allow our survivor to provide feedback about their experience and encourage the 13.7 Million+ survivors alive since 2012 according to cancer.org to support these businesses.


We have collateral for the laymen to see images of possible side effects from treatment to reduce the shock if you encounter a client or work peer survivor. Its goal is not to provide in-depth knowledge about cancer.  Its simply to provide a birds eye view of treatment  symptoms for easy consumption.   The emblem signifies completion of material on cancer treatment physical side effects.  Or an employer has internal support for those who is battling or have survived cancer.  These business have pledge to  ensure their establishments openly welcome those conquering the spachallenges of cancer.

Guest who inquire if a business is survivor friendly or employees returning to work; will not need to explain hair loss, darken/removed breasts, limbs, toes nails, loss  eyebrows, and etc. in a Survivor Friendly businesses.  Survivor Friendly businesses will treat survivors with dignity and  provide a safe haven for them to be served and/or pampered without shame, embarrassment, or multiple explanations due to altered appearance.

If you are interesting in certifying your business, please fill out a short form online here.  You can advertise any special accommodations available to a survivor as well as list your business in our directory.