Why Survivor Friendly

There are many educational resources, fantastic organizations, inspirational groups and other help aid for cancer survivors. Survivor Friendly isn’t another resource duplicating existing efforts but was established out of a need. Its goal is promote cancer symptom awareness and provide free bags with cosmetic items. Now you may say wait, this sound similar to existing efforts, but actual its not and will further explain.

Chemo and other Cancer treatments can cause physical alterations that can be embarrassing and in some cases hard for women to cope with.   Insurance and other agencies provide financial   support for prosthetic wigs , scarfs , bras and medical treatment. But most beauty aids to supplement or simply replace physical features until it returns is consider cosmetic and are out of pocket expenses. Survivor Friendly will distribute beauty bags for free to survivors, requiring no attendance to a workshop or meeting a financial requirement.

The founder, being a Cancer survivor was astonished by the symptoms she faced. Being a confident and strongIMG_20131130_112706_753 woman, she felt embarrassed to walk into a beauty shop with darken toe nails; seeing the look on the nail technician face. And to go a step further, feeling compel to divulge her medical situation to a stranger so her symptoms isn’t mistaken for fungus or something contagious. This and other experiences moved her to create an emblem and distribute it to companies to display on their website or place of business. Which signifies they are aware of the cancer symptoms and if a   customer ask if they are Survivor Friendly or if an employee is diagnosed with Cancer. There is heighten sensitive to the Cancer Survivor.

Survivor Friendly wants to kick start the Cancer Survivor’s return to normalcy during or post chemo by providing some products to assist with physical side effects.    There are many women who struggle with returning to a normalcy of life after Cancer.  The physical alteration and the fear of nonacceptance and shame keeps people from work, school and other public places.  She refused to let her battle with Cancer take my joy and was determined to live life to the fullest.  We want to help others do the same.