Free Beauty Aid Bags

Side effects from chemotherapy, Neulasta shots, other treatment plans are tricky because depending on the regimen you’re on, the amount of medicine you’re getting, the length of treatment, and your general health. The side affects you have may be different from someone else. Therefore our bags include items based on feedback from survivors and personal experiences. There are certain brands we are targeting based on the success the community of survivors has had in the past.  Our goal is to make the bags general enough so it helps the majority. Please take a look at the list below to see what items will be included and please make suggestions by filling out this 2 question survey.  We will use the collected results to determine what items should be included in our free bags.



Current Women Bag Items

  • Eyeliner
  • Eye brow Pencil
  • Lip Stick / Lip Gloss
  • Nail Polishes
  • Bra Lining Pads
  • Nail Kit
  • Lotion
  • Fan
  • Printed Inspiration Card

Our target is to send out free Survivor Friendly Bags that include beauty essentials and other supplies in September 2016. Our Survivor Friendly bags for men will be available at a later date.